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Deciding Between A TV Set or Projector

The decision to install a new home theater system or upgrade your existing system can completely transform your living room from just another room to a next-level experience. However, choosing which equipment to install in your home entertainment system is an important and personal decision. When you’re putting your home theater system together, it should be built around its main viewing device, which is typically either a television or a projector. But which one is right for your home entertainment system?

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Creating the Ultimate Home Theater

Few things have the power to bring together friends and family like a great story. There’s nothing quite like sitting down for a movie marathon, the smell of warm popcorn in the air and your favorite people gathered together on the sofa. But if you’re watching on a small television or with poor surround sound, it can detract from the show. Whether you’re finally sitting down to watch the entire Marvel series or you’re binging Netflix, having a great home theater system can elevate your viewing to the next level.

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Home Theaters: Projector or Television?

When designing a home theater, you usually want to design it around your main entertainment feature. For the most part, that's going to be either a projector or television and each of them has advantages. Deciding between a projector or a TV can be a difficult decision, but once the decision is made, we can help you install your new TV or projector right away! Take a look at what you should think about when choosing between a projector or TV below:

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Your Projector Installation Guide

If you’ve ever seen a projector-centric home theater, you’ve probably wondered how it’s set up. Installing a projector and screen isn’t hard. You’ll need to mount the screen and projector, and you’ll need to do it correctly. To do so, you’ll need to make sure enough space is available. Check out the guide below, and create a space worth watching in.

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Decisions, Decisions: Home Theater Considerations Before Installation

Home theaters provide an outlet for home entertainment, family time, and entertaining guests. However, if done incorrectly, it won't function the way you want it to and it won't provide the benefit you desire. The experts at Seven's Home Theater are experienced in home theater installation, flat panel TV installation, and installing flat panel TV mounts, but they want you to be happy with the finished effect. Take a look at a few of the choices you need to make to get the custom home experience you are looking for. 

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How can Sevens Help your Restaurant or Bar?

Have you ever been in a bar or restaurant where the audio or video entertainment just wasn’t right? Perhaps the music was inappropriately loud so that you could not hear the person you were sitting next to. Conversely, a deficit of audio may be equally frustrating if you’re trying to take in a sporting even, and all you can hear is the noise of the crowd. Video screens that not positioned well may be difficult to see and projectors in areas flooded with light lower the image quality to unacceptable levels.

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Conference Room Installations Made Simple

Unlike a residential audio or video configuration, the needs of a business environment bring different requirements to the table. Video conferencing, networking, meeting presentations and multiple workstations are typical in many corporate spaces. Projectors, amplifiers and speakers enable and augment the activities that take place in conference rooms, meeting halls, studios and schools. Viability of the end result relies on the sum of its parts, so ensuring that all of these ‘parts’ work together as advertised is where Sevens Home Theater can help.

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Why Should You have Your Projector Professionally Installed?

Certain tasks require minimal skill to accomplish, whereas others require technical knowledge and experience that does not yield itself to the novice. Unless one is well-versed or trained in a specific field, those endeavors are best left to professionals qualified is the given discipline. An average homeowner does not simply replace the HVAC system in their home, nor do they typically disassemble their car engine in hopes of finding or fixing a problem.

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The Best Commercial Installation In Minneapolis and St Paul

Restaurants and bars offer people a venue to dine out or enjoy cocktails with friends and family. Depending on the setting, entertainment might range from soft, ambient background music in an upscale café, to multiple television displays and more robust audio in a sports-oriented establishment. Guests can enjoy various types of entertainment while they visit, and some destinations even have provisions for karaoke or occasional live performances.  

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