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Outfitting Your Company Conference Room

For organizations that rely on communication and networking to keep their business operations running smoothly, a good conference room helps you turn synergy to success. When creating a residential home theater system, most homeowners basically want the same thing: an audio system that sounds great and a video configuration that looks sharp. But the needs of every business can be unique based on the organization’s communication needs and organizational goals.

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Improve Your Company's Collaboration Space with Professional Audio-Visual Installation

Whether you work in management for a large corporation or for a smaller, locally-run business, you want to stay at the cutting edge when it comes to your resources. The space where your team meets for collaboration can be an important place for the creation of great ideas that benefit your company. One of the best ways to max out the potential of your collaborative space is through the use of professional audio-visual equipment.

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Installing a TV in Your Bar or Restaurant: Tips for a Clean Installation

Adding a television to your bar or restaurant is a great way to draw people in, especially when there's a big game on. But how can you install a television or restaurant without disrupting the rest of your customers? Here are a few things that you should know.

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The Right way to Outfit a Conference Room

Most TV, projector or audio installations are pretty much the same, no matter where they are, right? Not really! Although the equipment itself may be used in various environments, there are other aspects to a commercial installation that differ from what is typically done in a residential setting.

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How can Sevens Help your Restaurant or Bar?

Have you ever been in a bar or restaurant where the audio or video entertainment just wasn’t right? Perhaps the music was inappropriately loud so that you could not hear the person you were sitting next to. Conversely, a deficit of audio may be equally frustrating if you’re trying to take in a sporting even, and all you can hear is the noise of the crowd. Video screens that not positioned well may be difficult to see and projectors in areas flooded with light lower the image quality to unacceptable levels.

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Conference Room Installations Made Simple

Unlike a residential audio or video configuration, the needs of a business environment bring different requirements to the table. Video conferencing, networking, meeting presentations and multiple workstations are typical in many corporate spaces. Projectors, amplifiers and speakers enable and augment the activities that take place in conference rooms, meeting halls, studios and schools. Viability of the end result relies on the sum of its parts, so ensuring that all of these ‘parts’ work together as advertised is where Sevens Home Theater can help.

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Why Should You have Your Projector Professionally Installed?

Certain tasks require minimal skill to accomplish, whereas others require technical knowledge and experience that does not yield itself to the novice. Unless one is well-versed or trained in a specific field, those endeavors are best left to professionals qualified is the given discipline. An average homeowner does not simply replace the HVAC system in their home, nor do they typically disassemble their car engine in hopes of finding or fixing a problem.

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The Best Commercial Installation In Minneapolis and St Paul

Restaurants and bars offer people a venue to dine out or enjoy cocktails with friends and family. Depending on the setting, entertainment might range from soft, ambient background music in an upscale café, to multiple television displays and more robust audio in a sports-oriented establishment. Guests can enjoy various types of entertainment while they visit, and some destinations even have provisions for karaoke or occasional live performances.  

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