What’s lurking behind your home entertainment system? Is it a chaotic mess of wires crammed together like a lump of spaghetti? Do you have trouble finding the right cord when you’re trying to unplug something or change your system? If your home theater system is hiding a bramble of wires and cables, it is more than just unsightly. Untamed cords and wires can also represent a potential fire hazard.

In this post from the wall TV installation pros at SevenAV, we’ll talk about how we can help get your unruly wires under control. Check out these ideas and give us a call to get your system looking great.

These are the most common complaints homeowners encounter when they install their own home theaters:

1.   Multiple Devices

A home entertainment system consists of much more than a TV screen these days. But most home media centers include a variety of components from the sound system to peripheral devices like Rokus, DVD players, and gaming consoles. These can make your entertainment center appear extremely cluttered and make cord management a challenge.

2.   Safety Hazards

Hiding your cables and cords away can be a safety issue. Too many cords can create a tripping hazard or fire hazard or cause the wrong devices to become accidentally unplugged. A professional wall TV installation or home theater installation will give you organized cables without the muss, fuss, and safety risks.

3.   Cluttered Appearance

Say goodbye to the frightening scene lurking on the other side of the TV screen with invisible power cords. We can discreetly conceal your wiring inside your walls so your system looks completely streamlined.

Creating the Perfect Home Theater Installation Plan

A great home media center must include a sound system that brings the viewing experience to life. We can strategically install your speakers so you can experience the thrill of being right there at the game or feel like you’re completely immersed in your Friday night movie. We can even install speakers outside so you can enjoy your sound system when you host outdoor cookouts.

Twin Cities Home Theater Installation That Looks Great

If you’re tired of having to dig through wires to change out equipment, our SevenAV home theater installation pros can help. Let us create a home media center where you’ll love settling into movie nights and Netflix marathons. To get your cables under control with professional wall TV installation or to get a free estimate, give us a call at 763-420-1070 or contact us online.