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Antenna Install

Some people believe that having cable and satellite TV is enough, but did you know that there are actually a number of HD signals that you can get for free via the use of off air antennas? You might be thinking that you don’t need such an antenna since you already have satellite or cable TV, but think of this. Not all channels available in your area can be accessed via cable or satellite. In fact, some cable and satellite TV providers cannot give you these channels simply because these HD channels can only be accessed with the use of off air antennas.

In the Minneapolis St. Paul area, there are around 17 of these HD channels that you can access with the use of such an antenna. Imagine how many channels you are missing out on locally. These 17 channels are also high quality HD that you can get for free, which means that without an off air antenna, you are not getting the full number of channels you can actually get.

Having an off air antenna not only opens you up to accessing channels that you may never be able to access via cable or satellite. It also opens you up to clearer and stronger AM/FM radio reception, if your current home theater system is capable of it. Now, isn’t that a good deal to get with the installation of an attic mounted or rooftop mounted antenna?

Aside from the free channels you can add to your current lineup of cable and satellite channels with the use of an off air antenna, you also get a guaranteed number of channels to watch even when your cable TV provider and satellite TV company gets knocked out for any reason. Since you will be getting your HDTV signals via local broadcasts that your antenna can capture, you won’t have to worry about not having any channels to watch. All you will need is your HD ready television, an off air antenna and a decoding device or receiver that can translate these signals for your TV.

You may ask, how does an off air antenna for getting free HDTV work? Once you decide to have an off air antenna installed, you will find one being mounted either in your attic or your roof by our trained personnel. This antenna will then be attached to a receiver that is actually a decoder via a cable after the antenna is tweaked to help you get optimal results. Your receiver will enable you to see these free local HDTV channels alongside your cable and satellite channels.

If you are wondering why these need to be installed on your roof or in your attic, it is because of the fact that the higher the antenna is, the better the signal and reception. You don’t really need to install these off air antennas on your roof however, it is the best place for it if you don’t want to lose around 30% of the signal that you are supposed to get from these local HDTV channels. For further information on off air antenna installations, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you determine if an off air antenna is ideal for you.

Did you know that you can get very high quality HDTV through a rooftop or attic mount antenna? In the Minneapolis St Paul area there are over 17 channels including the major networks broadcasting very high quality HD signal for FREE! We recommend that everyone has a rooftop or attic mounted antenna so if your satellite or cable gets knocked out during a storm you will still be able to tune in the major networks to keep updated. We also like them for AM/FM signal into your theater system if applicable. If you are an AM listener it’s a must. Give us a call or request a quote to see if an off air antenna is right for you

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