In-Wall Theater Install


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In-Wall Theater Install

If you think that installing a basic home theater is difficult, an in wall home theater installation job is a bit more complicated. This is why it is best for you to contact professional home theater installation teams, like the one we have at SevenAV, to help you with your in-wall home theater installation. Asking professionals to do this for you not only makes it easier and faster for you to enjoy your movies from the comfort of your home, but it also relieves you of the stress that comes from trying to figure out what goes where and all the things involved with home theater installation.

So, what do you get when you ask professionals to do your in-wall home theater installation for you? With SevenAV, you first get personnel who will assess your chosen location for home theater installation and these experts will plot out the proper placements of speakers, seats and your screen for optimal results. Speakers may be installed in your walls, overhead and behind you, depending on the setup of your chosen location, to give you the kind of theater experience you expect from a home theater system.

Aside from installing your speakers and the other components of your home theater system, our team will also ensure that all wires connecting these components are hidden from view to give you the kind of seamless system that you want. Wires will be concealed in the walls, your attic or in your basement in order to give you the clean and composed look of a professional home theater system.

Once your theater system is installed and properly connected to all the speakers that are placed around the room, our team will test this to assess if the setup is optimal. Small changes and movements to the speakers will be made whenever necessary to improve the sound and to give you the kind of home theater experience you truly deserve. After our team tests and assesses the in-wall home theater setup, they will then have you test your system to see if what was achieved is up to your standards.

Since your satisfaction is what we aim for, any changes you might want to have made will be taken into consideration and scrutinized to see if this is doable. We will also ask you before anything is installed whether you have certain preferences and ideas that you would like us to integrate into our installation procedures. Once you are satisfied with our installation, the next step will be clean up.

We don’t leave homes we service in a mess. We take pride in leaving the homes we work in as clean as when we first arrive. We even make sure that any garbage and debris that is produced by our installation process is removed and carted away by our able and accommodating team. This is to ensure that you can enjoy your in wall home theater system the minute our team vacates your home without needing to clean up after us.

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What will be done:

Before We Start:

Our tech will assess the location of where you will be mostly watching and decide on the proper location for the surround sound speakers.

Speaker Installation:

We will mount up to 7 speakers around your room and conceal the wires in an attic or unfinished basement to the location of the receiver. Install includes the proper placement of the speakers for a true surround sound effect. This install does include in wall wire concealment. (We will do an audessy calibration if your system comes with it)


Up to 4 of your video components like cable box, game system, DVD player, etc.

When We're Done:

Confirm that everything is functioning properly and make sure you're totally satisfied with 7's.1 home theater installation service. We'll remove all debris from the installation site so your house will be cleaner than when our professionals arrived.

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