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A corporate and business environment carries different needs as compared to a home environment when it comes to audio visual requirements. These systems are used for specific internal functions that include video conferences, board meetings, and corporate communications. These are also used for external needs that include client meetings as well as marketing and advertising pitches.

As such, having a fully functional audio and video system is a must, and for this to happen, you need to call in professionals for your conference room audio and video media system installation. Installing a conference room projector and an audio system requires technical knowledge. This kind of a system needs a professional who will take into account the physical constraints of the area as well as the many needs of the business they are servicing. This is in order for them to come up with the best possible setup for the business.

Not all businesses have the same needs when it comes to their audio visual requirements. Some companies need projectors and audio systems for their conference rooms alone, while others need audio visual systems for auditoriums or huge convention rooms. There are also a number of businesses who require multiple setups for different areas of their building. For all of these needs, you should always trust professionals like the team we have here at Sevens Home Theater.

Whether you need to have a projector installed in your conference room, or your auditorium needs to have a new audio visual system installed, our team is ready to help you do just that. We have the capability to help you with any size audio/visual installation jobs, be it for conference rooms, yoga studios, schools or stores. We not only help you properly install these systems but we can also teach you how to properly use them.

Aside from audio/visual system installation, our team can also help you with your other audio and video installation needs. Need a sound system installed for your paging system? We can help you with that. Do you have to install digital signage or flat panel televisions for your advertising and marketing needs? We can also help you with that. We can even help you with audio installation for piped in music and for your intercom system.

For your many commercial audio and video installation needs, it is best to trust in people who know how to install such equipment properly. Trying to DIY these may result in improper installation as well as damage that may be irreparable, costing you more due to the need for replacements. Consulting with, and having professionals do the audio video system installations of your business will not only ensure that these are properly and safely installed, but this will also ensure that your systems will work the way they should.

To get more information regarding our commercial offerings, feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We offer a free in-home or in-office estimate which will give you the information you require for your commercial installation needs.

Seven's Home Theater is fully capable of large and small commercial Audio/Video systems. We can outfit anything from conference rooms, to court rooms to tanning solons, to yoga studios and much more. If you need a sound system, digital signage, video conferencing, intercom system, video projection or On-Wall TV Installation into your commercial application we can do it.

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