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Basic Theater Install

So you finally decided to purchase a home theater. Good for you! The next step would be installation. This is the part where a lot of people find themselves having problems with since most of them do not know how to install a home theater system properly in order to get the most out of it. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t worry. You can always contact SevenAV to help you with such a dilemma.

What can our team of home theater installation experts do for you and for your home theater needs? Before we start installing your home theater system, our team will consult with you and talk with you about where you want your system to be installed. We will then assess the location for the best possible positioning of your home theater components to help give you the kind of home theater experience that you will truly enjoy.

When it comes to home theater installation, you will find that the placement of each and every component is crucial to giving you the full potential of your system. To be able to give you this, the many different speakers you have for your system will be placed in the right areas in order to produce the surround sound that home theaters are supposed to have. This will mean the placement of speakers in front of you, behind you and even beside you if necessary, to give you that full theater sound that your system should be producing.

With such an installation process comes the laying of wires around the area where your system is to be set up. Messy wires are a big no-no, which is why we will ensure that all wires are dressed and concealed in order to give you the kind of home theater system setup that you will be proud of. If wall wire concealment is what you want, you can consult with us about this and we can find ways to give you what you require.

After installation, we will test the installed components to see if everything is working as it should. We will also ask you to test your system in order to determine if you are satisfied with how everything is set up. Since your satisfaction is important to us, any changes in the setup will be considered and changes can be made according to your recommendations.

Once the work is done, we don’t leave you with the mess that usually comes with installation work. We help you clear up any debris and dirt produced by the job and we will return your home to its pristine condition before the work began. We will also bring with us any debris and trash produced by our team during the installation process, leaving you with a home that is clean and has a properly installed home theater system without the debris and mess associated with installation work.

If you need to know more about how we can help you with your home theater system installation, feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer your questions. We can also provide you with a free in-home estimate.

What will be done:

Before We Start:

Our tech will assess the location of where you will be mostly watching and decide on the proper location for the surround sound speakers.

Speaker Installation:

We will place your speakers around the room on stands or tables and neatly dress all wires to the receiver location. Install includes the proper placement of the speakers for a true surround sound effect. This install does not include in wall wire concealment. (We will do an audessy calibration if your system comes with it)


Up to 3 of your video components like cable box, game system, DVD player, etc.

When We're Done:

Confirm that everything is functioning properly and make sure you're totally satisfied with 7's.1 home theater installation service. We'll remove all debris from the installation site so your house will be cleaner than when our professionals arrived.

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