Safeguarding Your Home Entertainment System

The professional home theater installation pros at Seven’s Home Theater discuss the importance of protecting your home entertainment system.

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Should You Install a TV Antenna?

The professional home theater and television installation experts at Seven’s Home Theater talk about tv installation and antennas. We talk about some of the reasons you might consider installing a TV antenna in your home and when you might not need one.

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How You Can Use Voice Control in Your Home

In the Information age, good communication is a cornerstone of good business, no matter how large or small the size of your company is. That’s why it’s important to make sure your organization’s collaborative spaces have the most cutting edge technology. The most productive conference spaces combine state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to maximize the cooperative potential of the room. Your organization’s conference room should be designed around the type of meetings you plan to hold and your organization’s unique connectivity needs.

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Deciding Between A TV Set or Projector

The decision to install a new home theater system or upgrade your existing system can completely transform your living room from just another room to a next-level experience. However, choosing which equipment to install in your home entertainment system is an important and personal decision. When you’re putting your home theater system together, it should be built around its main viewing device, which is typically either a television or a projector. But which one is right for your home entertainment system?

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Is Your Home Theater System Childproof?

There’s nothing quite like having a good entertainment system with great surround sound to binge-watch your favorite Netflix series with your family. If you have children at home, having an excellent home theater can help you create meaningful memories, but it can also make your life easier. Sometimes, the ability to put on the latest Disney film can be vital to your sanity as a parent. But it’s also important to make sure your home entertainment system is safe for your kids.

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Outfitting Your Company Conference Room

For organizations that rely on communication and networking to keep their business operations running smoothly, a good conference room helps you turn synergy to success. When creating a residential home theater system, most homeowners basically want the same thing: an audio system that sounds great and a video configuration that looks sharp. But the needs of every business can be unique based on the organization’s communication needs and organizational goals.

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It’s Time to Organize Your Home Theater System

If you find yourself fumbling for remote controls and frustrated by tangles of wires, you may be in need of a home theater system reorganization. If you’re finding your home theater setup difficult to manage, you may be spending too much time messing with your remotes and system instead of enjoying it.

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Do You Need an Air Antenna?

In the era of binge-watching Netflix and on-demand movie streaming services, it’s easy to forget that not so long ago, TV wasn’t always easy to watch. Although younger generations may never know the struggle, many of us can recall the days of adjusting the rabbit ears on your television to get the picture just right. If you layered the aluminum foil just so, you could watch the big game with only a little static.

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Creating the Ultimate Home Theater

Few things have the power to bring together friends and family like a great story. There’s nothing quite like sitting down for a movie marathon, the smell of warm popcorn in the air and your favorite people gathered together on the sofa. But if you’re watching on a small television or with poor surround sound, it can detract from the show. Whether you’re finally sitting down to watch the entire Marvel series or you’re binging Netflix, having a great home theater system can elevate your viewing to the next level.

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It’s Summer! Time to Upgrade Your Camper TV Setup

It’s finally time for summer fun, and if you’re like many Minnesotans, that means hitting the lake or campground in your RV. Or perhaps your summer plans involve heading out on an outstretched highway on the great American road trip. No matter what your summer plans are, the only thing better than having a comfy RV to hit the road in this summer is having your favorite amenities with you while you’re out on the road.

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