RV owners love having adventures out on the open road. And there’s nothing quite like settling into an RV campground, setting up your plastic flamingos, and stringing lights across the awning before breaking out the barbecue tongs. But setting the stage for your adventure should start with a great playlist and an even better audio system to play it on.

In this post from SevenAV in Minnesota, we’re covering our favorite creative AV installs to get your RV adventure-ready. To upgrade your RV’s sound system in time for your next big road trip, call and connect with our TV installers today!

1.   Camera Upgrades

When you capture security footage on your RV camera, it needs to be clear and high-resolution. Security and backup cameras have come a long way over the past few years, and better quality products and innovations are available by the month. If it’s been a while since your RV’s cameras have had an upgrade, it’s time to think about installing a newer system.

2.   New TV Screen

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to watch your favorite shows on a too-small, low-resolution screen. Transform your RV into a five-star theater with a high-resolution flat-screen TV. And don’t forget to update the screen in your RV bedroom for late-night TV time.

3.   Awning Speakers

Part of the fun of RV ownership is hanging out at the campground. But what goes better with a cookout than a great playlist and sound system? We can transform your awning into a little slice of heaven with custom awning speakers so summer nights on the road are better than ever.

4.   Surround Sound System

Whether you’re rocking down the highway to ACDC or you’re tuning in to watch the World Cup on that new flat screen TV, do it in style with surround sound. We can create four distinct audio zones including your living area, bedroom, patio, and vehicle cab. That way, the kids can enjoy the latest Pixar film and you can keep listening to your favorite Beatles album.

Get Your RV Audio Visual Upgrades Today!

Before you pack for your next weekend at the lake, make sure your RV is ready for the adventure with custom audio visual upgrades from SevenAV. We’re a one-stop shop for all of your audio visual needs at home and on the road. To get your free estimate and schedule an upgrade, give us a call at 763-420-1070 or contact us online.