Are you thinking about installing a curved TV? Curved TVs are a great way to augment your home theater, but they also require some special considerations. Curved TVs have to be placed precisely, to take advantage of the curve and preserve the perfect viewing angle.

What are the benefits of a curved television?

As TVs get larger, a realistic problem emerges: they need to be farther away. There's a reason why movie theaters often have curved screens. People can sit closer to a curved screen and hae a more immersive experience overall. Just a few years ago, many larger televisions are being built with a curve.

But curved TVs also "fell out of favor" because they tended to be more expensive than other flat screens while delivering similar experiences. That gives a home theater owner an advantage: curved TVs are now much more affordable than they were before.

Curved TVs are available in many premium models, they do offer a better and more immersive experience, and their actual video quality is on par with other models. Now is the time when many people may be able to get a good model for an affordable price.

How do you need to install a curved television?

It's important to get the right viewing angle for a curved television, so your home theater is going to have to be designed with this in mind. A home theater room might want to consider staggered, "theater-style" setting, or love seats and chairs centered around the TV.

Curved TVs can have stretched reflections, as light sources are going to reflect across the plane of the curve. Because of that, you also need to carefully position your light sources so they don't hit your television. 

Because curved TVs are thicker than regular televisions, there's also the necessity of having more space. You will almost always want to mount your curved TV on the wall, and may need to use a bracket to properly position it.

Curved televisions haven't fallen out of favor because they aren't better, but rather because they were more expensive than other models. As they become less popular, they also become cheaper; they do provide better visual quality. If you want to create a home theater that has the best visual advantage, you might want to consider the installation of a curved TV.