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Three Reasons to Hire SevenAV in 2022

There’s nothing like watching your favorite show or game on a good home entertainment system. The quality of the sound and image come together to create a completely crisp experience that makes you feel like you’re right there in the middle of the action. But don’t let your eagerness to experience that surround sound push you to cut corners.

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Unique Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions

Get inspired ideas for unique outdoor digital signage solutions from the commercial digital signage pros at SevenAV in Minnesota.

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Tips for Restaurant TV Installation

Seven AV in Minnesota breaks down the top TV installation tips for restaurants and bars.

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Everything You Need to Know About Fireplace TV Mounting

Deciding on the right place to mount your TV can be a challenge when your living room’s main focal point is a fireplace. One popular solution is to mount your TV above the fireplace. If you’re thinking about mounting your TV set above the fireplace, our experts at SevenAV can help.

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Designing the Perfect Home Theater

Have you seen any good movies or TV shows lately? With more streaming video options available today than ever before, there’s never been a better time to get into a new show or kick back with a great film. If anything, it can be difficult to know where to begin when choosing from all of the amazing content out there these days. That’s why today is a great time to start thinking about installing a professional home theater in your living room, den, or basement.

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It’s Summer! Time to Upgrade Your Camper TV Setup

It’s finally time for summer fun, and if you’re like many Minnesotans, that means hitting the lake or campground in your RV. Or perhaps your summer plans involve heading out on an outstretched highway on the great American road trip. No matter what your summer plans are, the only thing better than having a comfy RV to hit the road in this summer is having your favorite amenities with you while you’re out on the road.

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Cutting the Cord? How Our TV Installers Can Help

In the Digital Age, it’s almost hard to believe there was ever a time when you couldn’t find anything to watch on TV. But in the days before streaming video, it was pretty common to flip through the channels searching for something to watch until you gave up and settled on an infomercial.

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Does Your Business Need Television Installation?

Regardless of the service you offer to the public, it's likely that you'll have to consider installing televisions at your business to boost sales and create happier customers. Customers have growing expectations each day and your business need to understand that customers want to be connected to the outside world at all times. So to keep up with these expectations, you'll need to consider whether or not you need to install televisions at your business. Here's a look at why your business might need a few television installations.

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Flat-Screen TV Mounts: What To Look For

When it comes to purchasing a flat-screen mount, there are plenty of things to consider before grabbing the first one you come across. Between the different sizes, types of mounts, and brands, one could wind up inadvertently spending hours trying to make a mount work properly with their television. Thankfully, we're here to help eliminate those issues and help you select the flat-screen television mount that's right for you.

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Fitting a Larger Television Over a Fireplace or Mantel

There was a time when the fireplace was used primarily for storing photos and knick-knacks. Though trends have changed, older fireplaces have not. If you're trying to purchase a big screen television, you may find yourself with a difficult task. How can you place a larger television over a fireplace or a mantel?

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