In the Digital Age, it’s almost hard to believe there was ever a time when you couldn’t find anything to watch on TV. But in the days before streaming video, it was pretty common to flip through the channels searching for something to watch until you gave up and settled on an infomercial.


Fortunately, today’s TV fans have a seemingly endless array of choices when it comes to finding great shows on streaming video. With great services like Netflix, Hulu, CBS, Prime, and HBOGO, the biggest problem viewers face is where to begin. More TV fans than ever before are choosing to cut the cord and rely entirely on streaming video services If you’re thinking of doing the same, read on to learn how our audiovisual and home theater installation team at  Seven’s Home Theater can help.


1.      Connecting Your Equipment

If you’re ready to say good-bye to cable for good, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide what equipment you’d prefer to use to access streaming video services. There are so many options available it can be tough to choose the right one. Many gaming consoles like X-box access streaming digital services.


Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast are also great options. Once you decide, our audiovisual installation pros will help you get everything installed and make sure it’s functioning properly so you never miss an episode of the new Twilight Zone reboot.


2.      Programming Your Remotes

With your game console for playing Red Dead Redemption and your Roku for binging your favorite Marvel films, you’re going to need to get a handle on your remotes.


Fortunately, our team at Seven’s Home Theater helps with that too! With our remote programming, you won’t have to rely on a complex system to switch between audiovisual equipment. We install and program universal remotes so you can throw out that basket of extra remotes for good!


3.      Making it Smart

The only thing that’s better than sitting down to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones is being able to use your phone or device to operate your home entertainment system.


With our Smart Home services, you’ll be able to connect to your favorite streaming video services and turn down the lighting for the perfect theater experience all from your phone or other voice-controlled device.



Minnesota Home Theater Installation Experts

If you’re tired of flipping through channels and you’re ready to cut straight to your favorite Bob Ross or Golden Girls episode, we can help. When you’re ready to turn your home theater into a streaming video paradise, we’ve got you covered. Don’t get tangled up in cords while trying to cut the cord. Instead, let our experts help. Give our home theater installation pros a call at 763-420-1070, or contact us for your free estimate.