If you’re from one of the older generations, you may recall a time when it wasn’t nearly as easy to watch your favorite show as it is today. Just a few short decades ago, watching TV could mean a whole ritual from aligning the antenna just right to adding aluminum foil in just the right places. It wasn’t uncommon to have to move your antenna halfway through a game or avoid standing too close to it because you might interfere with reception. But television has come a long way from the days of tin foil antenna and channel surfing on cable.


At Seven’s Home Theater, we specialize in customized Twin Cities home theater installation to help you make the most of your viewing experience. In this blog post, we’ll talk about whether you should install a TV antenna and how we can help you set up your ideal TV viewing experience.

How High Definition TV Has Changed the Game

When it comes to how you choose to watch your favorite show or follow your team to the Superbowl, high-def has quite literally changed the game over the years. With the advent of digital satellite systems, high-speed cable, wireless networks, and smart devices, the days of the TV antenna seem to be long past. Most homeowners combine subscription streaming video channels so they can enjoy the customized content of their choice instead of having to stick with what’s on air.


But the antenna of yesterday isn’t quite ready for retirement to the museums of pop culture history. Although our living rooms are more streamlined without rabbit ears and the picture is much clearer in high-def than a fishbowl TV, the antenna hasn’t gone away completely. You may be surprised to learn that there are still quite a few local channels available that can be accessed using only off-air antennas.

Accessing Local Channels

Even if you have every streaming video channel available and you subscribe to channel, there are likely several channels in your area that cannot be accessed using those platforms. These HD signals can be accessed for free using off-air antennas, however. In the Twin Cities region, an antenna will give you access to 17 channels. Terrestrial HD channels can come in handy during wireless outages and help you keep track of local weather events. An experienced antenna installer has the expertise to integrate terrestrial HD broadcasting into your home entertainment system seamlessly.


Here are a few reasons antennas are making a comeback:

●        It combines well with other cord-cutting efforts.

●        You get access to network channels without having to subscribe.

●        There’s more variety than ever and the quality is excellent.

●        Today’s antenna designs are streamlined and attractive.

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