In the Information age, good communication is a cornerstone of good business, no matter how large or small the size of your company is. That’s why it’s important to make sure your organization’s collaborative spaces have the most cutting edge technology. The most productive conference spaces combine state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to maximize the cooperative potential of the room. Your organization’s conference room should be designed around the type of meetings you plan to hold and your organization’s unique connectivity needs.


At Seven’s Home Theater, we work with Twin Cities businesses and nonprofits to help create the best collaborative space for their unique needs. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about how we can work to help you set up your conference room.

Creating a Collaborative Workspace

While a good conference room will combine digital interfaces and audiovisual equipment to create a presentation space, the setup is completely different from a residential one. Today’s commercial organizations increasingly utilize video conference technology to allow for meetings across remote locations and branches. This was once true, mainly for large-scale corporate communications, but today, even smaller organizations rely on video conference tools like Google Hangouts and Facetime.


A great collaborative space will integrate video conferencing technology while making it easy to share presentations using wall TV installation combined with digital technology. Many organizations will also integrate different setups in different conference rooms throughout their facilities.


Conference rooms are commonly used for the following:

●        Brainstorming Sessions

●        Marketing Pitches

●        Proposals

●        Training Sessions

●        And more

Meeting Your Collaborative Workspace Needs

When our team comes out to help you create a collaborative conference room space, we’ll talk to you first about your goals. Our goal is to add the right equipment to create an ideal working environment for your team. We work with all sizes and structures from large convention halls to intimate conference room spaces. We can install digital signage, projectors, flat-panel TV installation/monitors, sound systems, intercom systems, and more.

Contact Our Minnesota Conference and Audiovisual Installation Experts

Are you ready for a more collaborative conference space in your place of business? Make the most of your team by giving them the tools they need to produce the best work in your industry.


If you’re ready to upgrade or install the conference room you need to succeed, contact our audiovisual installation team at Seven’s Home Theater in Minnesota. To discuss your organization’s needs, call our team at 763-420-1070, or contact us online to schedule your wall TV installation or get a free estimate.