It’s hard to believe that not that long ago, the idea of being able to use voice control to order dinner or play a song seemed like science fiction. In many ways, we’re living in the most exciting age yet.


Voice-controlled systems like Siri and Alexa give you the ability to complete a number of tasks by simply using your voice to control a pod connected to your home’s wireless network. At Seven’s Home Theater serving the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, we are experts in all of the latest voice-controlled technology and can help you get up to speed when you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of voice control. Here are a few of our favorite ways you can use voice control in your home:


1.      Turn on the Lights

Now you can turn on the lights when you come home to a dark house with an armful of groceries. If you want to dim the lights while you’re watching television, you never have to leave the sofa.


2.      Adjust the Thermostat

When you wake up all toasty and warm under your covers, but it’s too cold in your room to move, simply use your voice commands to adjust the thermostat a few degrees. Or adjust the temperature after you leave home for the day and have it ready when you get back.


3.      Brew Your Coffee or Tea

Smart coffee pots and tea kettles mean you can brew yourself a cup of joe before you ever step out of bed in the morning. Simply tell Alexa or Siri to brew a cup of coffee, and it will be ready for you before you’re finished in the shower.


4.      Let the Sunshine In

Smart devices can even help you brighten up the room by uncovering your windows. If you’re cooking breakfast or cleaning house and you realize you need a little more light, simply use your voice commands to open the shades.


5.      Lock and Unlock Your Doors

Have you ever climbed into bed, snuggled deep under your covers, closed your eyes, and then suddenly realized your front door is unlocked? Voice control apps can unlock or lock your front door from anywhere, which means you can unlock your door when your hands are full and lock it anytime.


6.      Arm or Disarm Your Home Security

If you’re out and about, and you suddenly remember you forgot to arm your security system, no worries. Simply use voice commands to arm your home security system. You can also use voice commands to record surveillance footage.


7.      Check the Weather

Not sure whether you should put on a sweater or some sandals? With voice commands, you can ask your smart pod and get the daily weather report without ever leaving your bedroom.


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