Remote Programming

Remote Programming

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Remote Programming

Remote Control Programming - Minneapolis, MN

Nobody enjoys needing to try one remote control after another to find the right one for the gadget they are trying to operate. Having six to seven remote controls in front of you on your coffee table or on your bedside table is not a good sight either. While having a lot of gadgets at your fingertips is indeed a good thing, the confusion brought about by the many controls that are used to operate these is not. The solution to such a dilemma is a universal control for all of your gadgets and systems. SevenAV can help you with this particular need.

We have 4 remote control programming packages available:

  1. Good, $199 - Includes a basic smart remote with programming up to 4 devices
  2. Better, $399 - Includes and advanced remote with docking station and rechargeable battery, programming of up to 8 devices. 
  3. Best, $599 - Includes an Ultimate remote that goes through walls and has a smart phone app, this includes programming of up to 12 devices.
  4. What you got, $150 - Program your existing remote if you have moved or you need to upgrade your gear. (As long as the remote still works)

Managing and controlling your entertainment center can now be easily done with the use of a single remote control. Simplifying your entertainment system is easy with the help of one controller that is programmed to operate all of your gadgets. Now, you won’t need to wrestle with numerous remote controls or deal with a cheat sheet to enable yourself to operate each one effectively. Having a single control to help you operate whatever you want on your entertainment system will help you do this.

In order to get started, simply get in touch with us and we will explain to you your options for a single remote control system. You won’t have to worry about programming your universal remote control either since we will help you do this. We can program the remote control you choose for your system, and we will teach you how to use this as well, helping you understand which buttons control which parts of your entertainment system.

Now, you won’t have to worry about having to move from one remote control to another to find out which one operates your TV, your stereo system or your other entertainment gadgets. You also won’t need to battle with five to six controllers to get any of these systems to turn on. With a simplified, one remote control system, you will be able to turn a complicated endeavor into a seamless and easy to operate one. You can even choose to have a remote control that can be used to play games on your consoles without having to reach for the individual controllers that are used with each one.

We have quite a number of universal remotes that you can choose from. Choose the best one for your needs and we will program your remote for you, taking away the stressful process of having to program your remote yourself. Once the remote you choose is properly configured to all your gadgets, we will then teach you which buttons work with what in order to make your transition from multiple remote controls to a single handheld remote device faster and easier. Contact us today and tell us what you need so we can help you choose the right remote control for your home and your entertainment system.

Do you have 6 remotes and game controller on your coffee table?

Do you have cheat sheet for what buttons to hit when trying to play a movie?

We can fix that! SevenAV can program a remote that will take the place of all your other remotes and simplify your entire system. There are many remote control choices so feel free to call us and find out what remote system would work best for you.

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