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Speaker Install

A lot of homeowners find themselves wanting indoor and outdoor speakers installed all over their homes to maximize the use of their entertainment system. These speakers can be installed flush into ceilings or walls, to help conceal them and make them a part of your home without being conspicuous. This idea is often used by restaurants and sound bar installation, and is usually copied by homeowners for the fact that these free up a lot of floor space and make their homes look uncluttered.

When you choose to have your indoor speakers installed in walls and in ceilings, such an endeavor is not as easy as it may seem. One small error and you may find yourself with a hole in the wall that is not ideal for your speakers or a speaker falling from your ceiling due to an error in mounting. These mistakes, and the disasters as well as added costs that come with them, can be easily avoided when you contact professionals like our team here at SevenAV, to help you with your speaker installation needs.

Not only will we be able to install your speakers properly and securely, but we will also be able to connect your entertainment system to these effectively. The in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that you will have us install for your audio and video system will not only end up sounding good, but can also be made to look invisible since these are paintable and can be masked effectively to match your home’s interior or exterior. This will make the integration of sound into your home rather seamless.

Wires that connect your speakers to your audio/visual system can also be easily concealed with the use of molding that can be painted over. You can also choose to have these wires running in your walls and ceilings to make them truly invisible to your family and friends. What you decide to do will be taken into consideration by our team when they visit you for your free in-home estimate and when they assess your home before any work starts.

Installing indoor and outdoor speakers is a good idea for those who love to entertain. You can have the same music blaring inside during parties being heard outside on your patio or around your backyard with a unified entertainment and speaker system. If you want to be able to control which speakers are being used when you turn your entertainment system on, we can also integrate a full control system that can let you do just that.

Now, you can have a professional speaker system inside and outside your home with the help of our team here at SevenAV. To find out more about your speaker system options and what it would take to get the kind of in-wall/in-ceiling speaker system that you want, contact us today. We will be glad to answer your questions for you and to come and visit you for a free in-home estimate.

Have you always wanted speakers flushed into the ceilings of your home like you see in hotels and restaurants? They sound great, don’t take up any floor space and are fully paintable to match your finish. In Ceiling and In Wall speakers can be used for home theater or just to add sound to room, deck or patio.  We can even add in a full control system so you can change volume, select what you are listening to and to power on and off the system. Invite your friends over, enjoy nice background music or throw a great big loud party if you like. Make sure to invite the neighbors though!

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