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RV's and Campers

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RVs and Campers

Your RV is your home away from home. It’s the ultimate way to see new places and take comfort and entertainment with you wherever you venture. Maybe you find that your RV’s existing audio system is subpar, but the task of upgrading is beyond your technical skill level. Sounds like a job for SevenAV!

We don’t stop at home audio upgrades – we’ll help take your motorhome’s entertainment to the next level. In fact, just think: car stereo meets home entertainment! Enjoy the same quality you have in your home theater in your home on wheels.

What Upgrades Can We Do?

Whether you’re cruising down Route 66 or you’ve set up shop at a campground, of course you should be enjoying high quality audio! SevenAV can upgrade your audio and visual equipment throughout your motorhome to give you and your guests a more enjoyable listening experience. From upgrading external speakers for hanging out under an awning, to upgrading and zoning the speakers throughout the inside of your RV, we do it all! We’ll work with you to install the equipment needed to make your motorhome feel like a luxurious entertainment hotspot on the road.

Upgrades That We Can Make Include:

  • New TVs
  • Subwoofers & Surround Sound Speakers
  • High Quality Awning Speakers
  • Comprehensive Control System
  • Audio Zoning
  • Camera System


From lounging in during a rainstorm to letting your family enjoy a movie while you’re at the wheel during a stretch of travel, your old low quality TVs just won’t cut it anymore. We’ll help you upgrade to flat screen LED TVs with crystal clear picture.

Surround Sound and Subwoofers

Your RV or motorhome may have speakers that do the trick, or they may be outdated, either way if you’re looking for an upgrade, we’ll provide you with the best quality equipment to fit your budget. Kick up your entertainment quality with surround sound for jamming out to tunes as you cruise or watching a movie during some down time.

Awning Speakers

With our help, you can host a dance party or a barbeque for your campground neighbors. We’ll simply upgrade or install external speakers on your motorhome. When you drop anchor and extend your awning, extend the reach and quality of your jams. Experience better sense of community at every stop with awning speakers.

Comprehensive Control System

If you’ve got an older RV or motorhome, the existing stereo system might not give you much control throughout your RV. We’ll give you an upgrade that boosts your control, letting you make more adjustments while enjoying music or TV.

Audio Zoning

When you’re on the road you might want to listen to music in the driver’s seat while someone else wants to watch a movie in the bedroom. No more battling for control over the audio, with our help you can enjoy both!

Camera System

If your RV doesn’t have cameras to assist in easier navigation, we’ll get you upgraded with this feature you’ll be sure to love! Increased convenience of parking your large vehicle with ease.

Whatever upgrades you’re looking to install to improve your motorhome’s entertainment experience, SevenAV can help. Give us a call today to get started designing your RV’s audio and video transformation!