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Smart Home

Your home is like your own personal palace, your oasis – so what if you could make your time spent there and life overall even easier to enjoy with whole home automation? Stay ahead of the curve by converting your home to a Smart Home where you can control everything from a mobile device or with the sound of your voice. SevenAV can help make this dream a reality. Life as you know it will change and become exceptionally convenient!

Why Make Your Home a Smart Home?

Things you can do by voice or with a wifi-enabled mobile device when you convert to a Smart Home:

  • Adjust Thermostat Temperature
  • Turn or Dim Lights
  • Arm or Disarm Security System
  • Record Security Footage
  • Check the Weather
  • Make Coffee
  • Start Laundry

It’s the beginning of a different time and the options are many with more to come. Smart Homes will soon be the new norm, so where did the coming trend begin?


Whether you’re tech savvy and you know about GAFA or this is the first time you’ve ever heard the term, these big players – Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple – have been changing the way of modern living for years. These four brands are the heavy hitters that have become ingrained fixtures in our daily lives, from searching to connecting to streaming. They have also influenced the trend in total home automation, creating technology and systems that can help simplify your life providing convenience like never before!

Controlling Your Smart Home

There are two primary ways to control a home with smart automation features such as thermostat, lighting, entertainment, and security. Command your home by:

  • Voice Control
  • Wifi-Enabled Device

Voice Control

A growing part of the GAFA takeover is in home automation with voice controlled systems such as Apple’s Siri, a pioneer in voice search, or Amazon’s 2016 released Echo with voice controlled Alexa. These electronic pods respond to your voice commands and combined with home automation they will soon revolutionize the way we do everything from arm a security system to change the thermostat to turning lights on and playing music throughout a home! Equipping your home as a smart home and connecting your devices to a voice command hub will make your life easier. It’s also not the only way to control your home.

Mobile Device

Whether you’re home or away enjoy the benefits of a Smart Home with any wifi-enabled mobile device, such as a tablet or phone! Once you have access to your thermostat, security system, and more from your phone or tablet, you’ll never go back. Forgot to arm your security system? Just pull up the app. Maybe you’re in the kitchen cooking and your favorite prime time show is about to start, turn on your Smart TV. These days most people always have their phone with them. Having home automation available at your fingertips whether away or not is the ultimate in luxury.

Let the Experts Bump Up Your Home’s Intelligence

Converting your entire home to make it a Smart Home can be a big undertaking, which is all the more reason to trust the transformation to the tech experts at SevenAV! We’ll work with you to enable your home in the ways you want. We will outfit your house with the right equipment to streamline your life. Turning your home into a Smart Home will make everyday tasks all the more convenient, helping you save money, and providing you with added comfort, security, and peace of mind.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to give your home a boost with total home automation and step up the convenience of your life at home and away.