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Projector Install

Installing a projector for use with your business, or for use at home in a home theater setting, is a task that requires a bit of technical knowhow and skill in order for the projector to be properly installed. While some people may tell you that installing a projector is an easy task, there are actually a number of things that need to be considered for the proper installation of your projector and its screen. If any of these factors are not taken into consideration, you may find yourself with an improperly installed projector system.

Some of the factors that have to be considered, and should come into play when a projector is being installed, include the placement of the projector itself, the positioning of the screen and the placement of the speakers used with the system. It is also essential for installers to know what aspect ratio screen the user wants as well as how high the ceiling is in the room that the projector is to be installed in. Once these are all taken into consideration, only then will proper installation be started.

In having a projector system installed, homeowners or business owners need to know what their options are. There are so many projectors available in the market that it may prove to be confusing to neophytes what kind is best for their needs. Different kinds of projectors come with differences in effective projection distance, resolution, brightness and, of course, price. In order for you to choose the best one for your needs, you should be able to understand what each type brings to the table and which one is actually suited for the room it is to be installed in.

Our team here at SevenAV can help you with this particular dilemma. We can help you choose the best possible projector for your requirements, install this for you and make sure that everything is working as it should. If you need to have additional equipment added to your current set-up, we can also help you with this. You won’t have to worry about the other factors that need to be considered for the proper installation of your projector system since we will be taking these into consideration ourselves before we do install your projector for you

Once we are done with the installation of this system for your home or office, we will test this to ensure that all components are working properly and everything is up to our strict standards. We will also ask you to check for yourself if the installation is up to your own standards, living up to our dedication to the satisfaction of our clients.

After installation, our team will clean any debris that is produced by the installation process and we will cart this off, leaving you with an area that is as clean as before any work was done. If you wish to learn more about our projector installation packages, feel free to contact us today and we will gladly give you a free in-home or in-office estimate.

Do you need to mount up a projector and/or screen in a boardroom, church or home theater? SevenAV can calculate location, acquire the correct mounting hardware, mount your equipment, run the cables through the walls, and mount your screen. We can also install in ceiling flush mount screens. If you need new equipment we have access to some of the best equipment available

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