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Bar & Restaurant

Restaurants and bars exist for people to go to and enjoy themselves with the help of drinks, people and other forms of entertainment. One of the forms of entertainment that bars utilize to help people enjoy themselves are televisions and audio systems. Televisions can be seen mounted around the establishment and are used by bar and restaurant patrons for many different reasons. Some use it to pass the time while waiting for their orders, others use it to watch sports or other shows while drinking and still a few more use it to watch music videos while hanging out with friends.

These audio and video units can also be used for special events and for specific activities like karaoke night. You can use these televisions and your speaker system for karaoke, broadcasting the lyrics on the screens while playing the music over your speakers. You can even have a system integrated into the mix for your microphone, which singing individuals can use when they want to perform a specific karaoke number.

While in the past, the installation of these systems were easy enough, these days, people tend to want more from the systems that they use in these establishments. Now, people want and need a system that not only entertains but can also be used for a number of purposes. Installing the many different components needed for this and that are used in restaurants and bars for the entertainment of their clients can be easily and properly done by professionals, like our team here at SevenAV.

We understand that systems that are used for these establishments need to be easy to control by both you and your employees. We also know that these have to have the kind of quality audio and video capabilities that you and your clientele will appreciate and enjoy. Such an understanding comes from years of experience and expertise that help make us the authority we are when it comes to audio and video installations in the area.

Our team can help you set up the kind of audio and video system that you can utilize for many different things. You can use these systems for background music, foreground music, video advertising and many more. You can also use these audio and video systems for special events like game nights and such. We can set up your system in such a way that you can operate multiple components with the use of a single remote control unit or control panel.

We can also help you with your indoor speaker installation, projection TV installation, and the setting up of digital signage in and around your establishment. We can also assist you with the integration of satellite or cable signals into your restaurant and bar audio/video system, which can give you the kind of variety entertainment your clients expect from you. To get more information on the services that we offer and what we can do for you, as well as for a free estimate and assessment, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Entertainment is a must in the bar and food service industry. Customers are no longer happy with simply good food and drink. They want to see sports, news or musical entertainment thought the establishment. At SevenAV we specialize in entertaining your patrons with great audio video systems specific to the needs of your business and equally important we will make the system easy to control for you and your employees.

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