Does this sound familiar? It’s Friday night, and you’re ready to wind down after a long and chaotic week at work. You’ve got your bowl of freshly popped movie theater butter popcorn and you plop down on the sofa to turn on the TV. But before you have a chance to pull up Netflix or the game you recorded, you realize someone changed something on your settings. You frantically grab the four remote controls in your bowl of remotes on the coffee table, but you can’t remember how to switch your TV back to the right setting.


No one should ever have to experience too many remotes coming between them and their favorite shows, which is why our team at Seven’s Home Theater can help. If you’re drowning in remote controls for your audiovisual system, we can program your universal remote so you only have one easy-to-use remote to worry about.


How Remote Control Chaos Starts

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a great TV that you love with high definition to let you enjoy The Bachelor in all its reality TV glory. But you’ve upgraded your system a few times, adding a killer sound system here and a Blu Ray player there.


With each new device comes a new remote control, and into the remote control catchall it goes. Before you know it, you’ve created a monster of your own making and can’t remember which remote works for what function. And just try explaining them to a house guest.


The Beauty of Universal Remote Programming

For a family up to their ears in remote controls, a universal remote is more magical than Harry Potter’s wand, which you can now finally watch in action with your easy-to-use remote.


We offer four different remote control options: 


1.      Existing Remote Programming

If you’ve got a working universal remote, we can program it for you and show you how to use it for a lower price.


2.      Good Remote Control

If you’re looking for a basic smart remote capable of programming up to four devices, this is a great economical choice.


3.      Better Remote Control

This advanced remote is capable of programming up to eight devices and comes with a docking station and rechargeable battery.

4.      Top Tier Remote Control

Our best remote control option includes an Ultimate remote that connects to a smartphone app, can program up to 12 devices, and even works through walls.


Minnesota Home Theater Installation Experts

If you’re ready to take charge of your home theater, we can help. Whether you’re adding a new game system or you just want to get your TV in order before the next season of Game of Thrones, a programmed remote will simplify your life.


If you’re not sure what remote would work best for your family, we’d be happy to help you choose the right one for your audiovisual system. Call and have us program your remote at 763-420-1070, or contact us for a free estimate.