We have all experienced this at some point in our lives – a coffee table full of remotes – one for the TV, one for the DVD player, another for the cable box and perhaps several more, depending on what other equipment resides in your entertainment center. Some electronics offer remotes that can operate several components, such as your cable or satellite receiver remote being programmable to perform basic functions on your TV. Maybe your A/V receivers’ remote is ‘universal’ in some way as well, executing different tasks using one set of existing buttons. As long as you remember that the (+) button can be repurposed as a Forward command, or Channel scan, or Menu Advance – all depending on what component you wish to control. Not to mention multiple pages of codes in the programming manual, some of which can only be properly determined by trail and error. All of this adds up to either an unsightly array of hand-held devices lying around, or undue frustration when you have to reference a cheat sheet before you can start watching a movie.


Sevens Home Theater can help you manage this dilemma with a single, universal control for all of your components and systems. Programmed to operate all of your entertainment with a simple, intuitive set of operations, you can tuck all of your other remotes away in the closet and liberate yourself from the laminated spreadsheet of confusion.  


We offer a number of universal remotes and will be happy to explain all of the options and benefits in selecting the product that best fits your needs. We will program the remote control you choose for your system, and will help you understand you how to use it as well. Whether you want a single button named “Movie” to turn on everything required in your home theater, or separate pages of command for each unit, Sevens will help you win the remote battle and take control of your system!