DIY Projector Install?

Certain tasks require minimal skill to accomplish, whereas others require technical knowledge and experience that does not yield itself to the novice. Unless one is well-versed or trained in a specific field, those endeavors are best left to professionals qualified is the given discipline. An average homeowner does not simply replace the HVAC system in their home, nor do they typically disassemble their car engine in hopes of finding or fixing a problem. Legions of “do-it-yourselfers” may disagree, and tell you that with sufficient tutorial viewing on the Internet, you can do just about anything. We salute their enthusiasm, but will go on to explain why we are successful at what we do.


Professional Projector Install

Installing a projector for use in your home theater or in a commercial venue requires competence in the many conventions of video reproduction and the various technologies involved. Different projectors have particular effective projection distances, resolutions and brightness specifications, which must be understood in order to perform optimally with the expected amount of ambient light in the space. Fundamental elements such as projector location, screen position and speaker placement are all relevant to room geometry and seating arrangements. Proper wiring is crucial not only for the operation of the system, but for maximum performance. If any of these factors are not taken into consideration, you may find yourself with an improperly installed projection system.


Complete Install Solution

Our team at Sevens Home Theater can help you choose the best possible projector and screen for your requirements, and install the system with the utmost attention to detail. With correct mounting hardware, the best wiring and a complete calibration of all settings, your video entertainment system will be ready to deliver years of spectacular cinema for you to enjoy. Should you also need any of the additional hardware to complete your arrangement, we can provide and install it as well. Contact Sevens Home Theater for your professional installation and electronic equipment needs.