When designing a home theater, you usually want to design it around your main entertainment feature. For the most part, that's going to be either a projector or television and each of them has advantages. Deciding between a projector or a TV can be a difficult decision, but once the decision is made, we can help you install your new TV or projector right away! Take a look at what you should think about when choosing between a projector or TV below:


Choosing a Projector for Your Home Theater

A projector has some substantial advantages if you're building a large theater, after all, that's why movie theaters have projectors. As long as you can keep the room dark enough, a projector is an affordable way to get a very big, clear picture. Projectors can be placed in the ceiling so that they aren't disrupted as often by people walking through. A single, blank wall (or a projector screen) can provide a large, cinematic image, in virtually any format.


When selecting a projector, you should consider how dark the room gets. Depending on the type of projector, it may not work in rooms that are not pitch black. Projector technology has come a long way, and you can choose from projectors that work in daylight or the dark.


Choosing a Television for Your Home Theater

Today’s variety of televisions gives you a wide selection when it comes to choosing your TV. If you are working with a larger wall you can get a bigger TV and get different accessories to go along with it to take up the wall, from speakers to additional cameras to play games, etc.


High-resolution TV’s are easy to come by at a reasonable price in today’s technology world so do your research before committing. Some TV’s have different visibility features they allow you to adjust to your liking, so make sure you get the TV that you can adjust to your needs.


Regardless of whether you choose a projector or television, your home theater is still going to need to be setup for the best visibility and comfort. At Seven’s Home Theater we can install any TV and projector you choose. Our team is filled with experienced professionals that will take great care when installing your newly selected technology. Once we get you up and running, you can escape and enjoy an evening of TV and movies in your new viewing room!



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