How many remotes does your system have? Many people are finding it difficult to control their entire setup. Television, audio systems, consoles, and cable boxes -- all of them often need to be controlled individually, leading to confusion. Luckily, there are some ways this can be addressed to create a system that is easier and faster to use.


Invest in a Universal Remote

Universal remotes can be programmed to work with any device -- and more advanced remote controls today allow swapping between multiple devices, such as televisions, surround sound systems, and DVD players. To program these remotes you usually only need to consult the manual. Your manual will tell you what you need to know to identify the wavelength at which your device is operating. 


Control Settings through a Single Device

To avoid confusion, each setting should be controlled through a single device only. An excellent example of this is audio. When it comes to audio, there may be three separate volume settings: the television, the cable box, and the stereo. In this situation, the television and cable box should both be set to maximum volume, whereas the stereo system should be set to a comfortable volume. This ensures that the stereo has a full volume range, from very quiet to the loudest setting possible. Similarly, though both a television and a game console may have brightness settings, the brightness levels should only be modified on the television set itself.


Get "Smart" Features for Your Entertainment System

The more smart features there are associated with your systems, the easier it will be to control them with ease. Some smart devices are designed to easily stream and control content with nothing more than a smartphone. Smart televisions can be used to control nearly all of their peripheral devices, often simply through voice commands. If you don't want to invest in a new television, an entertainment box may be able to help.


Creating a universally controlled, all in one system is ideal for any home entertainment setup. If you want to integrate your system but aren't certain how, Seven's Home Theater can help. An expert in TV installation and integration, Seven's Home Theater has access to all the newest and best technologies, designed to make home theaters more comfortable and easier to use.