If you find yourself fumbling for remote controls and frustrated by tangles of wires, you may be in need of a home theater system reorganization. If you’re finding your home theater setup difficult to manage, you may be spending too much time messing with your remotes and system instead of enjoying it.


With all of the electronic devices, consoles, and audio system components in most home theater systems, it can be difficult to get everything under control. Fortunately, there is a better way, and our team at Seven’s Home Theater can help. I this post, our team of home theater installation pros talk about how we can help you get your home theater system organized so you can enjoy your favorite television shows in peace.


If you’re in need of home theater organization, here are a few ways we can get yours under control:


1.      Integrate Smart Features Into Your System

If your goal is to get your entertainment system organized, adding smart features to your system is a great way to start. Many smart devices today can connect to your phone.


Smart TV sets can also control external devices connected to the system. Many smart systems operate using voice commands. Adding a smart entertainment device is a great way to get these types of features on your system.


2.      Add a Universal Remote

There’s not much more frustrating than trying to remember which remote goes to what device. In many homes, the person who set up the system is the only person who completely understands how to use the remotes. And a stack of remotes can seriously detract from your living room decor. We can simplify your system by adding a single universal remote to control DVD players, surround sound equipment, and TV set.


3.      Simplify Your Sound System

Many home stereo systems use several devices to control the volume. In some homes, you can end up with separate volume on your cable box, TV set, and audio system. We can help simplify your sound system by turning the volume up all the way on your TV and cable box.


This helps ensure that your stereo system can be placed at a volume that’s ideal for getting the most out of your viewing experience. The same principle works with your TV set’s brightness. Creating the perfect brightness level is just a matter of modifying the settings on your other devices.


Minnesota Home Theater Installation Experts

When it comes to creating the perfect HD system, our team of experts at Seven’s Home Theater can simplify your system. That way, you can focus on enjoying your system. After all, the next season of The Good Place isn’t going to binge itself.


Speak with our Minnesota home theater team about creating your smart theater system. Then call our home theater pros at Seven’s Home Theater at 763-420-1070, or contact us for your free quote.