Whether you’re a true crime fan or you love nothing more than a Godfather marathon, having your own home theater elevates the experience. And no matter what you look forward to watching after a long day, there’s no substitute for a well-designed home theater.

As anyone who loves good TV can attest to, there is so much more to good home theater installation than simply installing a TV and speakers. In this post from SevenAV, we’re breaking down some of the top home theater installation mistakes so you can avoid them by calling our technicians to install your perfect home theater. Give us a call to schedule your home theater installation today!

1.   Bad Speaker Placement

For the ultimate home theater experience, you’ll need a good sound system. But without the help of a professional audiovisual team, even good speakers are never going to fully capture the movie theater experience.

When a professional home theater installation team installs your speakers, they’re not just thinking about creating surround sound. They’re also thinking about viewers’ listening positions to create a perfectly balanced sound system. Home viewing has never sounded so good!

2.   Chaotic Wires

One of the biggest indicators that a home theater installation was performed by the homeowner is a mess of cords and wiring. Not only can this be unattractive and messy, but it can also represent a fire safety hazard.

3.   Too Many Remotes

These days, most home theaters use several devices from Rokus to home gaming systems. Too many remote controls can make switching from one device to another a perilous endeavor, especially when several people share the home theater and only one knows which control operates what. Our SevenAV team can simplify this age-old problem with a remote programming package that operates up to 12 devices.

4.   Poor Screen Placement or Size

The most common home theater mistake is to underestimate the size of screen you need. However, a screen that’s too big can also ruin the viewing experience. A good rule of thumb is to fill as much of your vision with the screen as you would experience at the movie theater.

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