It’s hard to believe there was a time not so long ago that you had to go to the movie theater to truly experience the fully immersed sound of a film. While it’s always a great film, there’s nothing like the experience of watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with sound waves bouncing around the room from every direction.

But thanks to innovations in auditory technology, these days, anyone can experience that immersive cinematic experience or feel like they’re right there at a live music venue. Whether you’re binging your favorite Netflix series, playing Fallout, or listening to your vinyl collection, surround sound adds realism and depth to the experience.

In this post from our team at SevenAV, we’re breaking down the keys to the best surround sound system setups for your home theater. To schedule your home theater installation, give us a call today!

The Right Size for Your Space

One of the most common home theater installation mistakes is installing speakers that aren’t a good fit. Often, buyers will fall in love with a showroom demo and assume that they’ll get the same result in their own home. And after all, bigger is always better, right?

But a great surround sound system isn’t just about installing the biggest and best speakers. Home theater installation is much more about science than capability alone. If you install a system that’s too big for your space, the system may echo and you can even end up feeling like you’re drowning in bass.

Importance of Speaker Placement

Any audiophile will tell you that speaker placement is just as essential to creating the ideal surround sound experience as choosing the right components. Placement of speakers in relation to each other and to your walls and furnishings determines the direction of sound and shapes the musical image in a room.

The setup and furnishings in most homes can cause sound waves from your speakers will reflect off of surfaces and bounce around the room before arriving at the listener’s ear. An experienced home theater installation technician will understand these paths and relationships and anticipate any potential problems, then make the best recommendation.

For example, depending on a room’s dimensions, the placement of speakers flush with walls can exaggerate lower frequencies, causing distortion. For this reason, a sound technician will typically avoid placing subwoofers in the corners of a room. 

Don’t forget these details that can max out your surround sound experience:

●        Remote programming

●        Smart home setup

●        In-ceiling and wall speaker installation

Minnesota Home Theater Installation

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