Nowadays, it seems like all the predictions old movies and television shows made about the future are starting to become reality! Responsive robot voices, phone-controlled security cameras, television screens installed on refrigerators – sounds like something straight out of an episode of The Jetsons rather than real life.

But alas, the 21st century has ushered in the era of the Smart Home, where whole-home automation is not only possible, but practically an essential component of the modern household today.

But there’s more to creating the ultimate Smart Home than installing a few gadgets here and there. There’s an opportunity to create a technological aesthetic that provides your home with character and flair as much as it enhances accessibility!

For Minneapolis homeowners looking to think outside the box when it comes to their smart home system, let’s take a look at four of the more creative trends, themes, and designs when it comes to curating the ultimate smart home.

1. Get Creative in the Kitchen

Whether you’re a morning person who’s constantly on the go or you consider yourself to be quite the at-home chef, the kitchen is a great place to get creative when it comes to unique and accommodating smart home ideas.

Coffee-lovers can get their java fix with WiFi coffee makers, complete with voice-activated controls so you can order your coffee to go while you multitask with all your other morning chores.

Touchscreen refrigerators are starting to become an essential part of any modern kitchen, with features ranging from receiving weather updates while filling a glass with ice cold water to possessing the ability to order groceries online through your fridge.

Even ovens now have the capabilities to be voice-controlled and accessed via your smartphone!

2. Keep Comfy and Cozy as Possible

Of all the smart home accessories out there, perhaps the most comforting element of all these gadgets is the ability to make your home as cozy, cool, and comfortable as possible. The rise of smart thermostats provides Minneapolis homeowners with the ability to alter your interior temperature throughout the day, providing cool air when you need it the most while subtly heating up when it gets chillier further into the night.

Other smart appliances and applications for keeping your home comfy and cozy include:

●        Smart vent models for heating or cooling specific areas and rooms of the house

●        Ceiling fan-control smartphone applications

●        WiFi enabled smart home humidifier systems

●        Smart purification systems that can instantly detect humidity and pollution levels

Any combination of these smart home features will provide you with instant comfort to create a lasting, cozy at-home oasis!

3. Ordinary Bathroom or Personal Spa?

The amount of smart house appliances and gadgets out there that can transform your bathroom into your very own personal spa retreat is staggering. Start with a smart showerhead, which can provide you with everything from built-in LED lights for a magical shower experience to built-in, waterproof speakers, perfect for soundtracking your morning shower.

Next, consider installing a smart toilet, which provides you with the pristine convenience of never having to clean your toilet out by hand again!

But for the ultimate form of relaxation, look no further than installing a smart bath system into your bathroom. This is how you can link up your favorite bath time tunes through built-in, Bluetooth-compatible speakers, allowing your bath water to vibrate along with the soundwaves your music generates, creating the ultimate soothing experience!

4. The Smarter the Security, the Safer the Home

There’s never a wrong time to creatively beef up your home’s security system.

As smart home technologies become more advanced, so do the ways to protect your house from unwanted intruders, with smart security features and appliances ranging from:

●        Smartphone accessible door locking systems

●        Video doorbell systems that can be streamed via smartphone

●        Smart in-home camera systems equipped with real time monitoring and notification features

●        Smart smoke detector systems that provide smartphone notifications

●        WiFi activated mold or water leak sensors

Applying any of these appliances to your smart home is the creative route to providing a more safe and secure fortress!

Smart Home Consulting Services for Your Minneapolis Home

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