Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or you’ve recently decided to install a TV and audio system for your establishment, it’s a big decision. A quality TV installation can help to create a more inviting atmosphere for your guests, but it can be difficult to know what to buy and where to install your equipment.

Choosing TVs that are the right size for your business and finding the right height placement can be challenging. That’s why our commercial TV installation pros at SevenAV are sharing these tips to help you with your restaurant TV installation. Give us a call to schedule yours today!

Choosing the Right TV Layout

TV screens are a good addition to many types of restaurants and a necessity for sports bars and neighborhood pubs. Generally speaking, bigger is better when it comes to restaurant and bar TVs.

But the ideal size can vary depending on your establishment, where you plan to use your screens, and even the angle. The seating distance between patrons and screens and ceiling height of a room can also play a role. Ideally, the TV screen’s middle ten inches should be visible to those seatest closest. A professional TV installation team can help determine the ideal viewing angle, which is typically about 30 to 35 degrees.

You’ll also need to decide how many TV screens to install and where to place them. If you’re running a sports bar, you’ll need to install several screens on multiple walls so a game day can be viewed from almost anywhere in the establishment.

Zoned Commercial AV Systems

Busy restaurants and bars get fairly loud during peak hours, especially when you have multiple TVs tuned to different stations or games. For these occasions, it’s necessary to install a commercial AV system with separate audio zones.

Universal Remote Programming

It’s important to have a system that any of your staff can operate easily without having to keep track of complicated remote controls. With universal remote programming, you can operate all of your TVs and applications with one convenient remote. At Seven AV, we offer an ultimate remote control programming package that’s designed to operate your system through walls and program up to 12 devices.

We also offer smart device programming so you can operate all of the following from anywhere using an app on your mobile phone:

●        Lighting control

●        Thermostat control

●        TV control

●        Audio system control

●        Security system access

●        And more

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