Home Theater consists basically of an A/V receiver (or separates), sources such as a Blu-ray player or television provider and speakers. Sounds pretty simple – just connect everything and start making popcorn, right? Well, not necessarily. Although the connections themselves may be pretty straight-forward, the logistics of placement and wire runs may not be as easy.


How do you get those speaker wires from the front of your living room to the back walls, or the ceiling? What if your components are in a media closet or similar space, and you need to get video connections to your TV over the fireplace? Your room has many asymmetrical walls and corners, so where would the speakers sound best? These are all good questions that we have answers to.


We’ve seen some DIY home theater installations – and some were definitely better than others. We’ve seen speaker wires lying along the floor trim, we’ve seen wires duct taped to the wall, and we’ve seen rough holes poked through the walls with connection cables hanging out of them. This is not what your home theater installation should look like. When we install your system, everything will be properly concealed – either inside the walls or with paintable molding that blends into your décor as though it wasn’t there at all. When we position your surround speakers, you can be certain that they are in the optimal location given the room geometry, and you can be certain they will sound great. We’ve even seen a left surround speaker sitting on an end table, and the right one mounted high up on the opposite wall – no comment…


At Sevens Home Theater, running wires, mounting televisions, positioning speakers and connecting everything is what we do every day. With years of experience in the field, our installers can tackle any job, from the smallest to the most complex. The main benefit of having us install your Home Theater is that it will look and perform the best that it possibly can. You won’t have to question yourself as to whether the side speakers would have been better here or there, or higher or lower. You won’t need to see unsightly wires running across the floor. All you’ll need to do once we leave is start making popcorn!