Mounting a TV over a fireplace may seem no different than putting it on any other wall, but that is not always the case. If done properly, the end result is just as functional and beautiful as it would be anywhere else, but a few precautions must be observed in doing so.


Depending on the type of fireplace you have, it can generate a high amount of heat. Some people may be wary of this because extreme temperatures (either hot or cold) are not good for any electronics. Your television probably has a recommended heat limit, which can be found in your user manual or by inquiring with the manufacturer, Most TVs can safely withstand up to 125°F. Much of the heat from your fireplace is also dissipated by the mantle, so there is less heat travelling directly up than one might think. After all, fireplace safety is an inherent part of its design, as a typical home will have various household furnishings in proximity to the heat. This keeps the thermal energy at a safe level for just about anything near the fireplace.


Another consideration is the structural integrity of the area above the fireplace. While some home construction may have standard stud wall or reinforcement behind that part of the wall, others may be more decorative in nature, calling for more attention to the mounting process. Safety is a high priority for us, and our expert installers do not cut any corners when it comes to that. Aside from having a TV that is safely mounted, you will also have one that is optimally positioned for the best viewing experience.


Connections can sometimes be tricky when having to route wires from above a fireplace to another location where your audio/video equipment resides. Depending on what is in the wall, wires can typically be hidden inside the wall, or by use of an external, paintable conduit. On team will assess the installation requirements and present you with all the options that are available.


At Sevens Home Theater, we take pride in the work that we do. Every tv installation is handled in the same professional manner and with the highest level of expertise. If something can’t be done, we’ll let you know. If something can be done better, we’ll be happy to do it. We leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived, except with a beautiful, fully operation TV installation!