There was a time when the fireplace was used primarily for storing photos and knick-knacks. Though trends have changed, older fireplaces have not. If you're trying to purchase a big screen television, you may find yourself with a difficult task. How can you place a larger television over a fireplace or a mantel?


Get it Mounted

Mounting a television often shaves off at least a few inches from the bottom, rather than attempting to place it on a stand on top of the mantel. Further, brackets can actually be spaced away from the wall, so if you're simply trying to place your television over a shallow ledge, you may be able to project it out slightly. These brackets can also be used to tilt the television downward, for optimal viewing from a couch.


If you aren't going to be mounting your television, you need to check to make sure your mantel can actually hold the weight of the television itself. Many mantels are decorative and are not designed to hold significant weight, even though they may look very sturdy and stable.


Alter the Fireplace

If your fireplace is primarily decorative, it is possible to alter it so that the mantel is lower. But you should be aware that this is going to significantly change the look of your room; most rooms are balanced with a lot of visual "weight" on the fireplace.


If you're trying to lower the television to compensate for viewing angle, you may want to get a larger screen instead. In general, the larger the screen is, the higher it can be raised without the view awkward or distorted.


Consider a Different Location

In addition to the above, it is always possible to consider another location. This can be a challenge, as many layouts are intentionally designed with the fireplace as the major focal point. With some creative alterations, however, you may be able to create a functional room that puts the focus somewhere else. It all depends on your layout.


Placing a television over a fireplace can make it appear to be too high for proper viewing, especially in homes where the ceiling itself is high. Often, a placement that is to the side of a fireplace can better balance out the room.


If you're building a home theater and need to figure out your placement and technology, the best way is often to consult with the professionals. Seven's Home Theater can help you determine the ideal place for your television, in addition to offering the equipment and installation you need.