When it comes to purchasing a flat-screen mount, there are plenty of things to consider before grabbing the first one you come across. Between the different sizes, types of mounts, and brands, one could wind up inadvertently spending hours trying to make a mount work properly with their television. Thankfully, we're here to help eliminate those issues and help you select the flat-screen television mount that's right for you.


Articulation/Full-Motion Mount

A full-motion wall mount allows one to pull his/her television out from the wall and swivel it to the direction you please. In addition to this, these mounts can push against the wall and tilt up or down. If you're planning to install this mount into a corner, this might be your best bet. Some have even installed these mounts into cabinets built for large televisions, which gives the illusion the television is floating. When it comes to these mounts, they tend to be more expensive, require longer cords for operation, and require a little more work for installation.


Low Profile Mount

A low profile mount would be an excellent choice if you would like to have your flat screen close to the wall. These mounts are usually the least expensive, but these mounts can sometimes make it difficult to plug in cables given their close proximity to the wall. To avoid this issue, adding spacers will be necessary to avoid this problem. Long story short: These wall mounts are easier to install and are fairly inexpensive, but their close proximity to the wall could cause the television to tilt.


A Tilting Wall Mount

When it comes to most installations, a tilting wall mount is likely your best choice. In addition to providing easier installation, these mounts are capable of handling more weight. A tilting wall mount can tilt up or down, but it cannot be pulled out or moved up and down. If you plan on mounting your television above eye level, this mount might be everything you're looking for.


Considering the information above, you're going to need a reliable source to provide you with (and possibly install) a television mount. Thankfully, Seven's Home Theater is here to do so. Contact us today for more information regarding television mounts or other additional questions regarding your television.