The internet has become a major factor when it comes to your home theater experience. So with families looking for ways to make their systems as cutting edge as possible, it's important to understand the downfalls that come with utilizing the internet with your home theater. Here's a look at the pros and cons of incorporating the internet with your home theater system.


The Pros of Incorporating the Internet with Your Home Theater System


There are quite a few perks that come with incorporating the internet with your home theater system. Such perks include:


●        Tons of Content - Having a home theater system hooked up to the internet allows one to have an almost limitless amount of content at all times. Whether it be music, online videos, movies, or television shows, you'll have access to it all without the clutter that comes with such an extensive library. Thankfully, many plug-in sticks, media streamers, and other add-on devices can make this possible.


●        Access Anytime - A significant perk that comes with utilizing your home theater system with the internet is that you can access this enormous library of entertainment at any time. With most entertainment being only a click away, it will make the days of switching DVDs or CDs seem like a chore.


The Cons of Incorporating the Internet with Your Home Theater System


Unfortunately, there are a few cons when it comes to connecting your internet with your home theater system. Such disadvantages include:


●        Poor Video & Audio Quality - As far as streaming your favorite media, it has to be compressed for the media to stream without interruption. Even content streamed in HD suffers the same issues. Although audio streaming has made some improvements, it's likely your content will not be able to exceed the Dolby Digital format.


●        Speed Requirements - If you plan to stream media, it's important your internet speed is fast enough to do so. If it isn't fast enough, you could find yourself watching media in five-second increments over several hours.


●        The Device You're Streaming With - Not all devices are stream-friendly when it comes to certain platforms. For example, Netflix might be universal across the board, but platforms such as Crackle (and many others) might not be accessible.


●        It Isn't All Free - Just because you're cutting cords, it doesn't mean you're also cutting costs in your home. Many streaming services have subscription fees, and your internet provider might have data caps that limit your browsing.


Considering the information above, it's important you can find a professional service that can help you make such an important decision in regard to your home theater system. Thankfully, Seven's Home Theater is here to help you make such an important decision. Give us a call today for more information!