Just a couple of decades ago, a family movie night meant renting a movie and watching it on your living room tube TV. But these days, home theaters defy the imagination, and more homeowners than ever are upgrading their home viewing thanks to technology.  If you’ve been spending more time lately catching up on your Netflix queue, maybe it’s time to think about making a few changes to your home theater.

At Seven’s Home Theater, we help Minnesota homeowners create perfect home theaters to their specifications. Check out these great ideas for arranging your home theater system for the ultimate in-home viewing.

Placement of Your Screen

There once was a time when creating a home theater was as simple as deciding where to place your TV set. But these days, the options for television placement are much more flexible. If your TV set is large, you may prefer to place it prominently by mounting it on the wall. Or you might prefer to discreetly frame your TV set.

To take the focus off their TV set, some homeowners enclose theirs in a custom armoire or cabinet. A more innovative solution uses modern cabinetry to keep their TV tucked out of sight. When the film starts, a motorized lift brings it into view.

We offer the following home theater installation services:

●        Projector installation services

●        Standard on-wall installation

●        Advanced on-wall installation

●        Complete on-wall installation

●        Above-fireplace installation

●        Antenna installation

From TV Set to Home Theater

Once you’ve installed your TV, it’s time to think about all the details that elevate the theater experience like your sound system. Having a great surround sound system installed can transport your viewing to a whole new level. You’ll also want to install all of your electronic devices and program your remote to simplify your viewing experience.

Here are a few more great ideas you may wish to incorporate into your home theater:

●        Cinema seating

●        Dimmable lighting

●        Floor lighting

●        Dark walls

Call Your Minnesota Home Theater Installation Experts Today

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