With more Americans working remotely than ever before, professionals across all sectors and industries are becoming familiar with online meeting applications. In this time of social distancing, meeting from anywhere in the world and communicating instantly are integral to keeping business in order. Whether you’re relying on Zoom conferences or connecting via Google meetings, like most remote workers, you’re working hard to make the most out of online interactions. As many industries begin returning to the workplace, organizations across industries are continuing to expand their remote meeting capabilities.

One of the ways our team at Seven’s Home Theater serves Minnesota is through the installation of conference room equipment to facilitate in-office and remote meetings. In this post, we’ll share some of our top upgrades for improving your online meetings.

The Future of Business Communications

As we all pull together to keep each other safe during this challenging time, the business world is embracing remote work and video conferencing on a never-before-seen scale. In some workplaces, remote videoconferencing capability enables flexible schedules and remote meetings that can result in significant savings.

To help protect workers and reduce costs, many organizations are remaining committed to remote work even after reopening for business. Video conference technology can facilitate productivity when connecting with stakeholders, remote employees, and outsourced services.

Check out these grade ways to upgrade your video conference system:

1.   Custom Speaker System

One of the most common complaints during digital meetings is sound. We’ll make sure everything is wired in correctly to help you get the best sound from your meeting. Next, we can install a custom audio system so everyone gets to be heard during every meeting.

2.   Flat-Screen Monitor Wall Installation

If you’ve got a good flat screen in your conference room or office, we can mount it to the wall and connect your computer. We’ll also manage your wires for a clean, professional appearance.

3.   Updated Projector

Not all projectors are suited for every application. When you’re meeting with remote employees daily or weekly, you need high resolution, clarity, and brightness. We can help you choose the best projector for your organization’s needs and professionally install it so it works seamlessly with your system.

Twin Cities Wall Theater Installation

Are you getting the most out of your digital meetings? If your organization could benefit from a system upgrade in your conference room or office, our audiovisual experts at Seven’s Home Theater can help.

To find out about options for your workspace, connect with us by calling 763-420-1070 contact us online. We’ll share ideas for improving your conference space and then give you a free estimate on your digital meeting space. Give us a call today!