After a long winter, it’s finally warm here in Minnesota. The monochrome shades of ice and snow are gradually getting replaced with the vibrant hues of spring, beckoning us outdoors. With all of that warmer weather on the horizon, it’s a great time to start thinking about evenings by the fire pit or cooking out on the grill. And what better way to enhance the perfect summer evening than a killer outdoor speaker system?


At Seven’s Home Theater, we can help you create the ultimate outdoor speaker system for your summer evenings in the backyard. Check out these great suggestions for installing outdoor speakers and then give us a call to get started on your soundtrack to a perfect summer.


These are our favorite reasons to upgrade your outdoor home audio system:

1.   Your Speakers Don’t Have to Stand Out.

When you see an amateur speaker installation, it shows. Wires can end up all over the place, creating hazards for those walking by. Speakers are often installed conspicuously, detracting from the ambiance of your backyard. We can discreetly hide your speakers so guests will enjoy the sound without the clutter.

2.   Surround Sound Makes Every Party Better.

When you’ve got a backyard full of guests, a single speaker or a small radio will easily be drowned out. If you’re planning to host company during the summer, a great outdoor sound system is a must. We can connect your speakers to your indoor system so guests indoors and outdoors can enjoy the same great sounds all evening.

3.   Everything's Better With Music.

Outdoor speakers are handy for more than just backyard cookouts. Kick up the tunes while you’re relaxing by the poolside or sunbathing. Or listen to your favorite music while you kick back with a favorite book.


Contact Us for Minnesota Home Theater Installation and Great Outdoor Speakers

What are the ingredients for a perfect backyard party? Start with beautiful weather, good friends, add great food cooked on the grill, and don’t forget to add memorable conversation. Now there’s only one thing missing: the perfect playlist played on surround sound.


At Seven’s Home Theater, we can help you create the perfect soundscape for a summer filled with long evenings under the stars, pool parties, and watching the kids play. We also offer wall tv installation and remote programming so you can catch up on your Netflix series after the sun gets to be too much. Connect with us by calling 763-420-1070, or feel free to contact us for a completely free estimate.