Warm weather is here at last after a long, cold Minnesota winter. As the trees begin to bloom and the grass turns greener, it’s time to start thinking about backyard parties and summer cookouts on your lawn. There are plenty of ways to make the most of your backyard this summer, from adding a chiminea to stepping up your smoker game. But one thing that can really kick your summer fun into high gear is the sound of summer tunes piped in over the speakers.


If you’re thinking of adding speakers to your backyard, our audiovisual installers at Seven’s Home Theater can help you create a killer backyard sound system this summer. Here are a few reasons you should think about installing outdoor speakers in your backyard.


1.      Music is a great social lubricant.

We’ve all been to those parties that seemed to have all the right ingredients but for some reason didn’t seem to take off. The food is great, there are plenty of guests, but no one is mingling and interacting. Blasting Childish Gambino or Pistol Annies over the speakers is a fast way to wake up the wallflowers and get everyone in the mood for great summer fun.


2.      There’s a playlist for every outdoor activity.

You don’t need a cookout as an excuse to crank up the speakers. Are you working in the garden? A little outlaw country could be the perfect backdrop for all that digging and trimming. Or how about a little downtempo music to go with your morning coffee while you watch the sunrise? Whether you’re into roots rock, eighties training montage tunes, or Miles Davis, a great playlist sets the mood for everything you do outside.


3.      We can install it to blend in with your back porch.

If the idea of having speakers hanging from your back porch and wires everywhere doesn’t sound too appealing, we’ve got solutions. With speakers painted to match the outside of your home and wires hidden away discreetly, your guests will wonder where the sound is coming from. We can also integrate your outdoor and indoor speakers so your guests inside and outside can all be jamming to Bruno Mars at the same time.


Minnesota Home Theater Installation Experts

If your backyard has a great pool, a shiny new smoker, and a fire pit but still needs something, maybe that something is great music. Whether you’re into prog rock or vintage metal, let out Minnesota home theater experts at Seven’s hook you up.


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