With spring and summer upon us, many people are taking their entertainment outdoors. Backyard barbecues, picnics with the kids, friends and family visiting on your deck – these are all staples of summer enjoyment everywhere. Our outdoor environments are often meticulously groomed, exquisitely decorated and furnished with all of the accoutrements of outdoor fun. So what’s missing? Music!  We love our music and we love the outdoors – why not put them together?


Outdoor speakers can be installed in various areas outside of your home. Patios, pool areas, garden gazebos and other structures on your property can all host a variety of outdoor speakers to help maximize the use of available entertainment space. Such all-weather speakers can be installed on the exterior walls of any structure, under eaves and on deck railings. Some are even designed to look like decorative rocks that are right at home in the middle of your garden.


Installation of outdoor speakers generally involves running speaker wire from the desired locations into the home and up to your stereo components. With the use of speaker routers and selectors, your existing equipment may be able to accommodate multiple pairs of outdoor speakers. Depending on the application, additional outboard amplifiers could provide enhanced volume and support a greater number of speakers.


But how do you get speaker wire from your terrace into the living room? That’s when you contact the professionals at Sevens Home Theater, who are equipped with the knowledge and right tools for the job. Weatherproof conduits, fish tape, stud finders and other apparatus make easy work of snaking wires into and out of places you never thought possible. If we can’t install your speakers where you want them, it’s because it can’t be done.


Once all of the appropriate connections are made, your new outdoor speakers are securely attached, leaving you with a seamless and functional new way to entertain. With an integrated speaker solution, you can now enjoy whatever you listen to inside and outside. Imagine your guests being able to move in and out of your home freely and never missing a beat of the music or a call of the referee in the big game. It is also possible to have different material playing in different areas, such as when you have one group of people out on the deck and others inside that wish to listen to something else. Give us a call today to see how we can enhance your summer.