A large screen television display can either be the focal point of your living space or be the elephant in the room. It all depends on the décor of the area, and whether you wish it to be the main attraction, or rather it blended into the environment in a more subtle manner. Since installation is definitely one of our company’s focal points, Sevens Home Theater has acquired many innovative ideas over the years.


Get it noticed. If you would like your HD display to be the talk of the room, there is no better way to accomplish this than by wall-mounting it. Today’s screens can be very minimalist in their design, yet equally impressive as a technology statement. An uncluttered wall with a 65” display will certainly bring attention to itself. Sleek lines and an all-business approach to form and function will look amazing with a more modern motif in any room. It compliments such surroundings, yet stands alone in its grandeur.


Hide it. In some cases, a high-tech, black monolith is the last thing that looks good with rustic furniture or classic art. However, that TV might look more at home in an armoire that matches everything else in the room. We have also seen displays that are framed – just like a painting. A frame can pick up on the style of the room and make your LCD evoke a desired artistic element - you can even have a slide show running on the screen that will make people look twice when the image changes!


The best of both worlds. Automated television cabinetry can make the TV disappear when not in use, yet rise silently on its motorized lift when the feature film is about to begin. This type of specialized furniture allows you to utilize your wall space for what you want, and can be customized to any specification, style and finish. Just when your guests wonder why there is no TV in the living room while the popcorn is being prepared, the press of a button reveals what few people expect to see.


A mirror image. Among the more stunning television disguises these days is the two-way mirror. A suitably framed, two-way mirror is installed over the TV, and with the tap of a button, electric currents change the mirror from reflective to opaque, allowing you to see the picture. We have seen this concept deployed in bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms alike – all they all look equally stunning.