If you’ve invested in your flat panel television, you owe it to yourself to set it up correctly. Fortunately, flat panel televisions can be installed several ways. You have a lot of options available, and each is supported by your television bracket’s maximum weight capacity.


Before the Installation: Choosing a Location

First, you’ll need to select a place to mount your television. Ideally, your television screen should be t eye level. If you want a higher placement, however, you can achieve the same standard by using a tilting wall mount. Check your product’s manual for mounting height tips.


Installation and Wire Running

Once you’ve mounted the television, you’ll need to run the wires somewhere. Wall mounted TVs are appealing because they offer an uncluttered look. From quick, simple cover-ups to labor-intensive on-wall options, your TV wire spaces are numerous. You can run them outside of the wall, using paintable cable management pathways. Or, you can install an A/V cabinet and run the wires directly through the crown molding or baseboard.


Minimizing the Screen Glare

If you want to take full advantage of your screen’s awesome picture, you’ll need to make sure any light reflection is reduced. Close the curtains and move the lamp. If you’re still facing glare issues, consider purchasing a tilting wall mount.


Double-Check the Fire Codes

Even if you’ve taken every precaution in installing your television, you’ll still need to double-check your home’s fire codes. A surprising number of homeowners install their flat panel televisions over fireplaces—or in other semi-dangerous places. While mounting above a fireplace is a bad idea due to glare, it’s also partially unsafe. If you want to maintain your living area’s clean, professional look, consider running your wires around the fireplace. Similarly, keep the television far away from the flames.


In any event, you should contact your provider before installation. For the fire code standards, purchase a UL-rated A/V cable which is labeled either as CL2 or CL3. Make sure your in-wall wiring is up to par, too, and consider concealing any wires outside your wall. If you drill through a fire block, make sure you patch it with some comparable material. Additionally, turn off the power in any areas you’ll be cutting into.


At the end of the day, Seven's Home Theater can help. Ask about installation options, and determine whether or not your home needs the tilting wall mount. If you install your flat panel television carefully, you’ll never be left without entertainment.