Movies and drinks go great together. Whether you’re taking a dive or prepping some cocktails, you have a job to do: entertain your patrons. Today’s home theaters are more complex than ever, and they’re utilizing wet bar designs to promote excitement, unity, and entertainment alike. Below, we’re covering the coolest bar designs for home theaters. Check them out!

The Low-Level Bar

If you want something basic, rustic and memorable, consider installing a low-level bar behind your home theater chairs. This cozy design works well in large living rooms, and it’s ideal for classic home theater designs. Face the stools towards the screen, so everyone gets a chance to see the night’s movie.

The Dive-In Movie Theater

If you’re an outdoor-lover, consider mixing viewing parties with pool parties. Find submergible loungers, and host a widescreen television across the pool. You’d be surprised how fun the setup can be. If you’re in a typically sunny area, convert the bar into a tiki bar.

The Media Room

Why stop with a movie screen? A fully-stocked media room is a solid choice, too. Gaming systems, computers and even arcade machines have a place here, and each pairs nicely with a solid bar setup. Install contemporary furniture, hang some art and create the living space people will never want to leave.

The Private Room

If you want something more exclusive, turn your home office into a corner bar. Feature a big screen, sure, but don’t neglect what little space is available. A tight-knit bar atmosphere is cozy, and it’ll be incredibly memorable for your home’s visitors. If you’re feeling rustic, install some reclaimed-oak tables.

The Movie Theater

If you’re a diehard film fan, deck out your living room to be a movie theater. Today’s trendy home theater designs feature snack bars—but you have your own idea freedom. Pair any food items with assorted drinking options, and make your home theater trendy, memorable and exciting. Don’t ignore the lobby, however. To make a solid home movie theater setup, you’ll need to allocate enough space to sitting areas, walkways and the actual screen.

As a rule of thumb: consider installing a projector to enhance the experience. Sure, televisions go a long way. There’s something classic about a projector, though, and they’re incredibly versatile. Plus, the minimalistic design will complement any wet bar designs you’re adding. Drink up, kick back and enjoy your home’s entertainment center. Get your home theater today set up by Seven’s Home Theater located in Minnesota!