If you’ve ever seen a projector-centric home theater, you’ve probably wondered how it’s set up. Installing a projector and screen isn’t hard. You’ll need to mount the screen and projector, and you’ll need to do it correctly. To do so, you’ll need to make sure enough space is available. Check out the guide below, and create a space worth watching in.

First: Find the Right Screen Location

You’ll need to determine your screen’s space, first. Most rooms only have one wall capable of hosting a screen. If the room’s light can be controlled, consider having an ambient-light-rejecting screen. Once you’ve picked the right wall, make sure the screen will be at the right height. The screen’s bottom should be between 24 and 36 inches off the floor.

Second: Find the Right Projector Location

Next, you’ll need to find a good location for your projector. Take the projector’s vertical offset, throw distance and lens shift into account. Additionally, consider the placement of lights, joists and electrical outlets. Each variable needs consideration.

Third: Figure Out the Throw Distance

A projector’s throw distance rating tells you how close, or far away, a projector can be mounted away from the screen. If a projector is mounted too close to the wall, its projected image won’t be big enough. If the projector is mounted too far away, the image will be too big. Fortunately, modern projectors have zoom adjustments. If you’re having distance problems, compensate by adjusting the knob.

Fourth: Figure Out the Vertical Offset

Your projector’s vertical offset, meanwhile, determines how high or low the projector needs to be mounted. A lot of projectors feature vertical lens shift, letting you adjust the image up or down until it’s at a proper wall height. If your projector has a fixed vertical offset, fire it up. See where the image is on the wall, and consider getting an extension pipe to compensate for additional distances.

Fifth: Mount the Projector

Lastly, you’ll mount the projector. By now, you should know exactly where it needs to be. Purchase a projector mount, and install the projector. Then, dial in the projector’s pitch, roll and yaw. Remember: Mounted projectors are prone to drift. Over time, your projector will slowly move out of alignment. For this reason, it’s a good idea to remember your projector’s settings.

Once you’re tuned in, you’re ready to go! Unlike a TV installation, a projector installation can take time. Don’t worry, though, because any home theater installation pays off. Once you’ve established your projector’s place in your home, you’ll be ready to watch awesome movies. To have your projector installed by the professionals at Seven’s Home Theater at 763-242-6372.