Adding a television to your bar or restaurant is a great way to draw people in, especially when there's a big game on. But how can you install a television or restaurant without disrupting the rest of your customers? Here are a few things that you should know.


Think About Line of Sight

Televisions have to be positioned where they are most visible. Keep in mind that those too close to the screen (such as in booths directly under it) won't be able to watch it. Corners are usually ideal, in addition to above central bars. The better your positioning, the fewer televisions you'll need.


Practice Careful Cable Management

Though you may be able to mount a television on your own, running cables through the walls and the ceiling is more of a challenge. And it's a necessity: without running cables properly, you'll end up with cables that are unsightly and noticeable. If cables run on the ground, they can be dangerous; if cables run on the wall, they will be visible.


Get the Right Resolution

Don't forget that most televisions are not going to be audible over the crowd. For the most part, your televisions are going to be silent; which means you're going to need to turn the subtitles on. Test subtitles on the televisions you're considering before you purchase them, because they'll have to be visible from across the room.


Think About the Size

As televisions get larger, they become significantly more expensive. But larger isn't always better. Larger televisions require more expensive mounting (and can be dangerous if not mounted correctly). More importantly, larger televisions are very difficult to place, because they cannot be positioned over windows or above corners. If you do want a very large television, you'll have to set aside some significant blank wall space.


Don't Forget the Customers

Finally, one thing many people forget is that customers will begin to fiddle with electronics. Customers may reach up and try to adjust the mounting of a television or may try to fiddle with the settings themselves. That means that you need to install the most secure mounting possible, because vandalism and tampering is always a possibility.


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