Have you ever been in a bar or restaurant where the audio or video entertainment just wasn’t right? Perhaps the music was inappropriately loud so that you could not hear the person you were sitting next to. Conversely, a deficit of audio may be equally frustrating if you’re trying to take in a sporting even, and all you can hear is the noise of the crowd. Video screens that not positioned well may be difficult to see and projectors in areas flooded with light lower the image quality to unacceptable levels. Every venue must take into account all environmental and occupancy variables in order to truly deliver a satisfying experience to its clients.


In the past, a typical diner might have one or two televisions behind the counter, and several speakers connected to a stereo behind the same counter; pretty basic installation and pretty basic functionality. Today, multi-source video, flat panel displays and multi-zone audio are the norm. Many establishments are divided into various areas, or zones. You might have a more robust arrangement in the bar area, while secluded dining areas will cater to different needs altogether. Having the capacity to deliver different content at different levels to different areas is essential to a well-rounded installation. Also, having the ability to control all of these features in a simple, efficient manner is fundamental.


Our team at Sevens Home Theater is the answer to any upgrades, revisions or new installations in bars and restaurants. With years of experience in the field and the expertise to design a full-featured solution for your business, we have become the go-to professionals for the creation of public entertainment. From the quaint little coffee shop to the expansive destination establishment, from indoor to outdoors – we are the authority in the bar and food service entertainment industry.