In our world of High Definition ‘everything’, most people have long forgotten the seemingly obsolete off-air antennae of ancient history. High speed cable, digital satellite systems, streaming HD content from the Internet and even your smartphone – we have grown accustomed to receiving all of our content via some paid service or another. After all, TV sets with the fishbowl picture tube and unsightly rabbit-ears sticking off the top can only be found in the historical archives of our past.


Well, that is not entirely true. Yes, the picture tubes of yesterday are gone, but the antenna lives on. There are actually a number of HD signals that you can get for free via the use of off air antennas. Why would you need an antenna since just about everything can be found on your cable or satellite provider? The answer is simple - not all channels available in your area can be accessed via cable or satellite. In fact, some cable and satellite TV providers cannot give you these channels simply because these HD channels can only be accessed with the use of off air antennas. With an attic or roof mounted antenna, you can get about 17 HD channels in the Minneapolis St. Paul area right off the air. Without this, those channels will not be available in your menu of programming choices.


Our professional and experienced antenna installers have access to and understand the equipment and dynamics of terrestrial HD broadcasting. We can complete your entertainment experience by providing an antenna that will capture what you are currently missing if you do not have one. Another benefit is that you will still have HD programming available during inclement weather, which tends to make satellite reception problematic, or other outages involving your cable company. Give Sevens Home Theater a call and let us optimize your television content solution.