Unlike a residential audio or video configuration, the needs of a business environment bring different requirements to the table. Video conferencing, networking, meeting presentations and multiple workstations are typical in many corporate spaces. Projectors, amplifiers and speakers enable and augment the activities that take place in conference rooms, meeting halls, studios and schools. Viability of the end result relies on the sum of its parts, so ensuring that all of these ‘parts’ work together as advertised is where Sevens Home Theater can help.


It all begins with the planning stage. As you define what your conference room must be able to deliver, various design elements will begin to fall into place. Will there be a single, central projector and screen to display meeting content, or must there be multiple, smaller displays to provide individual users or smaller groups with information? Does the speaker system need to interface with an intercom or paging network, or perhaps be able to play music when the presentation is not active? Is there a single conference room, or must multiple areas of a larger venue function as ‘sub-zones’ of a central control hub? These and other questions will help determine both the infrastructure and the product that will be needed, and we can provide guidance at any stage of the process.


Once the plan for your media system has been established, Sevens Home Theater can begin the installation. Our professional team is able to tackle any job, large or small. Not only do we properly install and test every solution, we instruct you in the functionality, correct use and maintenance of your new gear. Some installation companies will staple in the wires, connect the equipment and leave – we take pride in the full service that we provide as it ensures complete satisfaction among our clients – before, during and after the work that we do!