Many consumer electronics customers are the Do-It-Yourself types. In a world where we are surrounded by electronics and gadgets of every sort, people just tend to start understanding how these things work after enough exposure to them. Remember when your grandparents had no idea how to set the clock on the family VCR? Well today, even those who would be considered anything but tech-savvy can hold their own, to some extent.


So let’s go shopping at your local electronics retailer. The TV wall is massive – every size and brand you’ve probably heard of. Assuming you’ve done some homework on television technology, you have a pretty good idea of what you want. It sure would be nice to have this new TV hanging on the wall in your living room though, so you move over to the ‘accessories’ department. Without much trouble, you find the wall mounts. Quite a selection meets the eye – small, large, articulated, tilting and even some electric ones. VESA mounting compliance terminology, size and weigh specifications adorn the boxes. But you have things under control – just find the one that fits your budget and mentions the size of your TV, and you should be good to go, right? Well, maybe – or maybe not.


You get home, unpack all of your new equipment, choose a spot on your wall and get out the power screwdriver. STOP! There may be a few things that must be considered before you sink your first screw into the drywall. Does the mount match up to the hole pattern on the back of your TV? Is the mount rated to support the weight of your television – yes, get that manual out! Can the wall you intend to hang it on support the combined weight of the display and the mounting bracket? Will the mounting bracket be able to attach to studs within the wall, or will supplementary anchors be required? Where will the wires go? How close is the power outlet? Is the position of the TV optimal in relation to your seating area? If you scratch your head to any one of these questions, it’s time to give Sevens Home Theater a call.


At Sevens Home Theater, we applaud all the do-it-yourself’ers, but we also want you to understand the benefits we offer with our professional installation services. We have the answers to very one of the questions above, and many more. More importantly, we have experience in this type of job, as it is the type of work we do every day.